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We are a hot power vinyasa yoga community committed to empowering others to live in their fullest expression through the practice of yoga, meditation and self-inquiry.

To belong in community as you are, to see what is possible each day and to be a contribution to others


We invite you to journey IN to Yellow Brick Yoga to see what's possible for YOU, on and off your mat.  Be ready to drop what you know, sweat like you never have, and step into a whole new way of being.  We are a community for growth and empowerment with a passion for the physical practice of power vinyasa yoga, fueled by a desire to be of service to others. Come on in and experience the joy of finding your truth and following your path.

                                                                                             Leanna & Kaci


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1410 Kasold Dr. Ste A1

Lawrence, Kansas





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