Class Descriptions

At Yellow Brick Yoga we offer hands on assists in the physical poses during class. You provide consent for the assists before and during every class. We seek to empower you and respect your boundaries. 

Journey Into Power- ALL LEVELS


Journey into Power- ALL LEVELS is a 60 minute power vinyasa class that utilizes the Baptiste Journey into Power sequence as a blueprint to create a challenging and fun class. The room is heated to 95F. This sequence can be adapted to suit any body, so come ready to sweat and connect! Class ends with a lavender infused towel in Savasana.

Slow Flow


Slow Flow is a 75 minute power vinyasa class that moves slower to accommodate more breath work and longer holds. Explore more adaptations and learn the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga in this heated class (95F.)  This class also includes a 5-10 minute silent meditation and ends with a lavender infused towel in Savasana.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a 60 minute class. The room is warm but not heated. This class utilizes props, blocks and blankets to encourage long holds and deep relaxation within gentle yoga postures. Restorative yoga stimulates the parasymphatic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, regulates the blood pressure and relaxes the body.

Peak Pose

A one hour heated vinyasa yoga class that builds progressively to achieve a peak pose. Each week features a different peak pose, and modifications are given for each student to work from where they're at in building the pose. Some experience with vinyasa style is preferred but not required-this class will move fast. Props such as a strap and blocks are highly encouraged as tools for accessing new possibilities within the pose and you!


BIPOC* Yoga for Healing

Yoga is recognized as having numerous health benefits but is often practices in "race-evasive" ways, ones where race, racism, and intersecting injustices are often ignored, in largely white spaces. This donation-based class provides yoga practice that sustains a traditional commitment to yoga's roots while also building an explicit discussion of recognition and healing from racism and its intersecting oppressions. The * is in recognition that people of color experience intersecting oppressions (e.g. sexism, ableism, cis-heteropatriarchy) that make them even more vulnerable to societal and interpersonal inequities.
Vinyasa Flow

This class is meant to evoke a deep sense of self-love. A one hour heated class that includes breathing practice (pranayama) with a well-rounded mix of sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, twists, backbends, forward bends and inversions. Practice will end with a guided deep relaxation (Savasana) to seal in the benefits of yoga.
Kundalini Yoga
This class is a one hour Kundalini class that includes breathwork, meditation, movement, and chanting/singing. Kundalini yoga is known as the Yoga of Awareness. Every part of the practice has a purpose leading to a bigger purpose which is meditation.  Kundalini consciously works with all of the elements. We are a union of all of them.
Wearing white clothing is encouraged as it is believed to ward off negative energy and extend your aura. This class is not heated and is accessible for all bodies.


Ashtanga Yoga

A one hour adapted Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga class. Ashtanga yoga is a moving meditation focused on breath and precision. Developed by the late Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga yoga is a vigorous style of yoga that incorporates set sequences or series of postures where the breath is linked with movement.
There are six levels of sequences or series in Ashtanga yoga, including the Primary Series, Secondary Series, and four levels of Advanced Series. A newcomer would typically begin with the Primary Series and progress once they've memorized and mastered the sequence.
The energetic nature of all the series leads to a cleansing of the body through heat, which enhances circulation, improves joint pain, carries impurities away from the body, and builds strength.
Community Yoga

A one hour donation-based yoga class featuring a variety of new instructors ready to share from their lineage and truth. This class is mildly heated and students are encouraged to offer feedback to help these new teachers hone their skill.
Journey Into Power- UNCUT
A 90 minute heated power vinyasa yoga class inspired by Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power sequence. This class is the full, uncut sequence and focuses on True North Alignment as a cornerstone of self-discovery. Be ready to sweat and flow in grace as we move through this sequence that ends in Deep Rest, Savasana. No experience is required; this class is accessible to all levels and the poses can be modified to work for anyone.

We use external heat as a tool for transformation. The challenge of putting your body into a pose in a 95-degree room creates an environment for transformation. Inside this challenge, you learn to focus on breath, drishti and on staying in the moment of physical challenge. When life turns up the heat, yoga teaches us to focus and stay calm. 

Our heat is provided by infrared radiant heat panels. The panels radiate sun-like warmth to indoor spaces rather than heating the air. The panels are healthier than traditional forms of heat as they don't blow dust or allergens. The heat is safe, clean, low cost energy that is friendly to people and the environment.